Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Writing Diary: Pink Unicorns

Pink unicorn head

Story Sales

It's brief writerly updates time! I've sold a story to ChiZine. "Visions of Destruction Series, Mixed Media" is a dystopian science fiction thingy and should be out soon is out. I delayed publishing this post, and should have checked the 'zine before posting.

This also means I might be able to upgrade to an active member of SFWA, but that depends on how it all adds up (it'll be tight to their earnings criteria, and depend on how payments in not-dollars are handled, but I'll worry about that later). Whether I can or not, this does bring me up to three pro sales. I now have even more realness*!

Novel Progress

I'm about halfway through my novel on the finalish edits. I say finalish, as after it's been through my critique partner, I'm going to be looking for people able to offer cultural critiques**. This is a tricky thing for an unpublished author, as it's hard to ask someone to go through a manuscript that may not go anywhere.

My current plan is to ask other writers, as that way I can offer to beta their work in exchange.

But before that, I have another half of a novel to put through the cheese grater.


* Debates on the blogosphere about the invisibility of woman in SF include discussion of a UK anthology lacking women. You'd think from the responses that I was less real than a pink unicorn, so for the record, I: 1) Am a woman (in part), 2) Live in the UK, and 3) Write science fiction. With real science!

The logical conclusion to this is the pink unicorn must live in the house down the road.

** As mentioned previously, the book has Native American characters and themes. I'll post more details when I'm ready, but I figured a pre-emptive mention wouldn't be a bad thing. I'll be open to readers from any tribe, though the book does focus mostly on the Spokane. Just in case there's someone out there who might be interested in such a thing.

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