Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NaNoWriMo and Nebulas: Update One

Happy BookI hope everyone had a great Hallowe'en! We got new decorations this year, including an inflatable ghost and glitter spiders. And Tinkerbelle napkins, which weren't quite so scary, but they're magic.

This is the first of my NaNoWriMo updates, and will include ramblings on how I'm doing - both writing updates and how my reading for the Nebulas is going (as I'm also doing that during Nano... reading is good for inspiration). I'll be posting one update a week, and there will be non-NaNo stuff inbetween, so it won't be too much for non-Nanoing types.


There's not much to say yet, as it's the first day. I've written 508 words as I write this blog, but I expect to have a full story draft done by the end of today. It's a short and somewhat strange piece about Mondays. One issue I did hit is Nano reset my timezone, so check your timezones!

My critique partner is also attempting Nano this year. He hasn't done it since the first time, when he dropped out and I did the professional writer thing.

I like the new stats feature saying how long it'll take to hit the target. I'll be done by February, 2012...

Nebula Reading

These are a few highlights of my search for things to nominate so far. I don't guarantee the eligibility of any of them. Nor do I guarantee I'll actually nominate them (as it depends how many things I end up with for each category... some nifty stories might not make it in). If you want to suggest things that I should look at, there's a previous post where you can offer suggestions.

Staying Behind - Ken Liu (Short Story) Set in the world after people upload themselves into computers, it's a melancholy story about those who chose not to upload.

Held Close in Syllables of Light - Rose Lemberg (Novelette) Vendelin has to travel overseas to complete a trade. But it's complicated when her friend, Taemin, stows away on the ship. This is a young adult fantasy adventure.

Widows of the World - Gavin J. Grant (Novelette) The Granny lives in a future where people can upload themselves into houses and other bodies, and send parts of their mind out to work while they're doing other things. The result is a surreal and layered story, of humans living lives very different to ours. But underneath it all, the basic motivations turn out to be not so different.

Becoming Human - BBC Three (Nothing, but was Bradbury) It's an offshoot of the BBC series Being Human. Becoming Human follows new characters. Adam, a forty-something vampire in a teenaged body, armed with poor social skills and outdated pop culture references. Christa, a reclusive werewolf. And Matt, the ghost of a murdered student. Together, they investigate Matt's murder.

This was serialised into short web episodes, with other clues posted inbetween (such as newspaper clipping, videos, photos and more).

I now think this isn't eligible, because I found out the videos were region locked (to the UK). Though it can be viewed via proxies and on YouTube, I suspect that doesn't count. Which is a shame, because I would have nominated it. However, there may still be English-language awards without that restriction, and I still think it's worth watching.

(Or if you're not in the right region, do a search on YouTube for 'Becoming Human', avoiding the evolution series of the same name).

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