Monday, 7 November 2011

Poem at Strange Horizons and NaNo Two

Poems and NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo MonsterMy poem "Missed Connection: Lizard in the Dog Park" is up at Strange Horizons. Yay!

In less yay, I spent most of the weekend asleep. Humbug on colds. I did get a blog post up, and I did some reading and writing, so it wasn't a total loss. But I have some catching up to do.

The original robot pony story is almost done. Contrary to how potentially silly the idea of worldbuilding around brightly-coloured robot ponies sounds, it's actually a serious story. Somehow, I ended up destroying London, but that's an occupational hazard with steampunk. I have a second story draft set in the same world, though I think robot ponies will be my polish-for-submission story of the week.

I'll be done by December 28, 2011, so the finish is getting nearer where it should be.

Nebula Reading

It was pointed out that giving people so much reading might hinder them in their completion of NaNo. This is true, but I'm unrepentant! Following the steampunky vibe for this week, I read Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories. A lot of the stories didn't really catch my interest and I didn't finish all of them. But there were a couple that stood out to me.

To Follow the Waves - Amal El-Mohtar (Short Story) Set in an alternate Syria, where the industry of dream crafting is being developed. Hessa struggles to craft a dream for her latest client, but gains inspiration after a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. An interesting technomagic premise, with some unexpected outcomes. (The link is for the Podcastle version)

Suffer Water - Beth Wodzinski (Short Story) In a post-apocalyptic wild west, Annie - a bounty hunter enhanced with clockwork parts - goes after the biggest bounty of them all.

(Though the book came out in January 2011, at least one of the stories is a reprint. As far as I could work out, these two aren't reprints. The Kindle edition has some formatting issues, so worth keeping that in mind if you're buying.)


  1. Nice! I love the imagery in that piece, and the shapes it makes.


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