Thursday, 20 December 2012

Diverse Reviewers (Links)

Happy Yellow Star'Tis the season for award reading*, and one way to track down stuff I might have missed is following reviewers**. It can be difficult to find reviewers who match my tastes, as I like to see some discussion of social justice issues. There's no point in me tracking down a highly recommended story, only to find out it's full of anti-Muslim stereotypes and transphobia. And on the other side, some authors will be ignored by the more mainstream review places.

These are a few of the reviewers I follow (in alphabetical order), with some comments on why you might want to read them too:

American Indians in Children's Literature - I originally found Debbie Reese's blog when I started my urban fantasy book. Though mine wasn't aimed at children, her reviews have a perspective that usually gets overlooked on other blogs (many blogs dealing with race issues don't cover indigenous people well, if at all).

The focus is a little broader than the title suggests, as it covers young adult work too. All genres are reviewed.

Fangs for the Fantasy - The reviews are mainly urban fantasy (novels and television), with a few other things sprinkled in. I think the strongest areas are the discussions of race and sexuality. Discussions of how women are depicted are a little mixed... they've sometimes not commented on things I thought were pretty glaring. However, it's the only urban fantasy review blog I've found that notices any of these issues at all. - A rarity in blog reviewing, in that prezzey (Bogi Tak√°cs) handles short fiction rather than novels. All stories reviewed are speculative, and mostly eligible for the year's awards. Eir discussions have a pretty broad focus, though include some issues that are often missed elsewhere (such as ableism).

If you have any reviewers you think I might be interested in, feel free to mention them in the comments... though keep in mind if a reviewer compliments a story on how wonderfully exotic it is, or complains the story would be better if it had less gay people, they're not going to be the reviewer for me. I'm looking for the viewpoints that don't get in the big magazines.


* I think if I'm right, I also get to nominate for the Hugos and World Fantasy Awards this year, in addition to the Nebulas. But don't quote me on that. I will aim to nominate / vote to the full extent I can.

** Another way is when people suggest things to me directly.

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