Sunday, 23 June 2013

In the event of a sudden party...

...activate the emergency glow sticks! Sadly, there were no sudden parties on my train*.

Light Sticks Cartoon


* This is a genuine train information picture, taken from the safety booklet provided on every seat. I can only assume most people don't read the booklet, or they'd be more excited about the free glow sticks on the train.

# Extended Image Description:

Image 1: A drawing of a box on the wall. The box has a label reading 'Emergency Light' and 'Pull Towards You' with pictures of the box being opened and a hand clutching a light stick. Caption: Locate the "Emergency light sticks" box.

Image 2: A hand pulls the cover from the box, as indicated by a large red arrow. The tops of two light sticks are seen. Caption: Pull sharply on the box where indicated by the label.

Image 3: The two light sticks are sitting in their box on the wall and glowing. Caption: Light sticks will then be activated, which can either remain in the boxes or

Image 4: A hand is removing one light stick from the box. Caption: be removed as required.

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