Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Relay for Life in Second Life: Dark Unicorn

This year's Relay for Life in Second Life is over. It was also the year when a friend and I decided to run our own relay team. Dark Unicorn RFL was named after that friend (a black unicorn called Avariel) and is a steampunk and fantasy team. I'm a small purple mushroom (and still called Polenth). We were joined by two others (Alazarin and Beryl). So we were a really tiny team.

For those outside of Second Life, it works in a similar way to other Relay for Life events. There's a track, teams build campsites along the track, and people run around the track raising money for cancer research. The difference is one of reality, because campsites can be whatever people think up. You also don't get too many mushrooms running the relay in first life.

The theme was 'Celebrating 100 Years of Hope', as it's the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society (who run Relay for Life). We made up a timeline walk with key dates. And also a tesla tower and giant bunny, because steampunk and fantasy are fun.

Leading up to this, we took part in a number of joint team events, but we kept it generally low key. Some teams get over-stressed during the season, which is something we wanted to avoid. Cancer is serious business, but you can raise money and spread awareness without completely burning out in the process.

Here are a few pictures of our campsite and running on the track (click for larger versions):

Team Lap

Our team during the team lap. It's hard to stay together, particularly when everyone is trying to run at once (the servers often struggle during the first laps).


A view across the campsite.

Tesla Tower

Under the tesla tower. The sign is for this year's theme, 'Celebrating 100 Years of Hope' and says a bit about our team. The little bear is the official bear for this year.


Along the timeline paths. The sign is for a previous theme, 'One World, One Hope'.




Fireworks at the end of the event. This was taken where I happened to be when the fireworks started.

We hit the silver fundraising level this year and plan to run again next year. Possibly with a bigger and better campsite. Until then, it's back to writing steampunk things.

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