Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Robots, Interviews and Joy

Cartoon box robot

A few links related to me are around the place. I did a little interview about Rainbow Lights on the World in the Satin Bag blog, as part of the week of joy:

What is the weirdest story in your collection? How did you come up with the idea behind it?

It's always hard to judge what's weird to other people, but even my family thought "Incident in Aisle Five" was odd. It's set in a giant supermarket, which the people inside think is the whole world.

This later become the month of joy, and I was joyous about robots:

After sending my critique partner a story about people living on the clouds, he commented that all my stories had robots. I denied everything. It was about cloud people! But there it was, the main character reminiscing on making a robot out of cardboard boxes as a child.

I don't usually buy reviews, but this was for a good cause. Con or Bust has an auction each year, to raise money to send fans of colour / non-white fans to conventions. I don't want the physical items (especially not with the postage issues), so reviews seemed like a good thing. Prezzey has reviewed some of my work before, so odds were good of not being completely terrible. The first is up for Grandmother's Dreaming:

This is a spellbinding fantasy story that also feels very personal, about someone whose grandmother had recently passed away and who’s trying to find one’s place in the world – a rather atypical world for speculative fiction, filled with sea life and wispy dreams.

That's all the linkage for today. Go forth and visit!

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  1. I don't usually sell reviews either :D, but I figured that since with a charity auction all the money goes to the charity, not me, it's not particularly problematic. And Con or Bust is really cool and worth people's support, I feel.

    Two more reviews to go :]