Upcoming Reviews

These are items that I intend to review. This is not in order of when the reviews will appear. Items marked with a star were sent to me for review. Other items were acquired by wishing on the mushrooms at midnight, and all the other usual ways of finding things.



The Light of the World – Ellen Simpson (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Strangers Among Us – Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Defying Doomsday – Tsana Dolichva, Holly Kench (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Beneath the Waves – Ali Vali (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Letter for the King – Tonke Dragt (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Fathoms of the Fenlake – Ante Aikio, Ville Miettinen (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
The Foxfire Lights – Elizabeth O’Connell (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Water Road – JD Byrne (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Iron Cast – Destiny Soria (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Blazing Star – Josey Imani (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Certain Dark Things – Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
Invisible Planets – Ken Liu (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
When the World Wounds – Kiini Ibura Salaam (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Inspector Hobbes and the Bones – Wilkie Martin (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Upside Down – Jaym Gates, Monica Valentinelli (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Noteworthy – Riley Redgate (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*


Musical Items

Generation D Penny Whistle (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
High Spirits Pocket Flute in G (High Spirits Flutes)
Ocarina Workshop 6-Hole Pendant Ocarina (Ocarina Workshop | Amazon UK)