Meaty Story in Nature

“Dead Meat” is in this week’s Nature. It’s out today in print and appeared on their website yesterday. Yay! [ETA: A number of people have commented that this is pretty graphic… I don’t react the blood quite that way, but if you do, be warned… the meaty part is quite literal.]

Link: “Dead Meat” at Nature

This story is a number of seconds. It’s the second story I’ve had published by Nature. It’s also the second I’ve had published about the arts in science fiction (the first was a horror story in ChiZine). There are times when it feels like people forget that drawing, singing and other forms of expression aren’t things that go away because we have nifty new gadgets. Odd considering creative writing itself is one of the arts.

That’s my thinky thought for the day. Mostly I’m in the yay space, so this is as about as thinky as I get.