Upcoming Reviews

These are items that I intend to review. This is not in order of when the reviews will appear. Items marked with a star were sent to me for review. Other items were acquired by wishing on the mushrooms at midnight, and all the other usual ways of finding things.



Strangers Among Us – Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Defying Doomsday – Tsana Dolichva, Holly Kench (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Beneath the Waves – Ali Vali (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Letter for the King – Tonke Dragt (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Fathoms of the Fenlake – Ante Aikio, Ville Miettinen (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
The Water Road – JD Byrne (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Iron Cast – Destiny Soria (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Blazing Star – Josey Imani (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Certain Dark Things – Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
Invisible Planets – Ken Liu (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
When the World Wounds – Kiini Ibura Salaam (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Inspector Hobbes and the Bones – Wilkie Martin (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Upside Down – Jaym Gates, Monica Valentinelli (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
The Radium Girls – Kate Moore (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
No Shit, There I Was – Alex Acks (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
Sovereign – April Daniels (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*
#NotYourPrincess – Lisa Charleyboy (editor) and Mary Beth Leatherdale (editor) (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)*


Musical Items

Generation D Penny Whistle (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)
High Spirits Pocket Flute in G (High Spirits Flutes)
Ocarina Workshop 6-Hole Pendant Ocarina (Ocarina Workshop | Amazon UK)



Handicorn (Amazon.com | Amazon UK)