Solstice Octopus!

I got an Amazon giftcard for the solstice and I used it to get this octopus. It’s very soft! And made by Wild Republic.

Cuddly octopus

Cuddly octopus from the top

Cuddly octopus is watching you

(The photographs show a realistically-shaped octopus toy. It sits resting on its tentacles. The main part of the body is short fur fabric, with a mottled light brown and black pattern. The underside of the tentacles is pale fur fabric. The eyes are light brown with black horizontal slit pupils, like real octopus eyes. It’s sitting on blue towel fabric, and is well lit.)

Merry Seasons

Snowflake CandleThe seasonal merriment has started. At least, it has in my house, where we have people of mixed religious persuasions. The solstice involved mead (traditional) and Chinese food (not so traditional). I didn’t post about it when it happened, because I was busy eating. And then sleeping off the eating.

We also had a sparklie candle. It’s harder to see the sparkles when it’s lit, but the snowflakes are glittery.

Happy holidays to everyone, whichever ones you celebrate. May the season be full of sparklie candles.