Review Requests

I do accept review requests. Some things to keep in mind: 1) I won’t reply to requests unless I’m interested. 2) I can’t guarantee when I’ll review something. 3) My review will be honest, so it might be bad. 4) I also post reviews to Goodreads.


What to Include

Include the words “Review Request” in the email title. Please don’t send more than one email per book. My email is:

Tell me about the book. I’m more likely to say yes if it’s relevant to my interests.

If you plan on sending me a review copy of a book, it must be available as an ebook or as a web book. If you only have print editions, you can still tell me about the book, but I’m not accepting print review copies at this time.

I’m open to any form of publishing, including self-publishing and places like Wattpad. I only review finished work, not works-in-progress.


Things I Like in Books

  • Science fiction and fantasy. This includes books in other genres with speculative elements.
  • Mysteries. I prefer cozy or traditional mystery.
  • Any length. Novels, short stories, poetry, odd hard-to-classify things.
  • Books for all age categories. This includes books for young children, such as picture books, chapter books, etc.
  • Books by marginalised authors and books with marginalised characters. I will mention in reviews if I feel portrayals were stereotypical or otherwise harmful to the people they’re depicting.


It’s a Game

I play on PlayStation (PS3, PS4 and PS Vita), PC, iPad and iPhone 5. My genre and theme interests are similar to books. I’ll play most types of game, from shooters to walking simulators. Strong storylines and interesting worlds to explore are a big plus. Games including speech must have subtitles.


It’s Not a Book or Game

If it’s not-a-book or not-a-game, send an email in the same way, saying what it is and why you think I’d be interested.


It’s Old

Review requests don’t have to be for recent things. I judge requests based on whether I’m interested, not when it was published.


It’s Not Mine!

You don’t have to be the creator or able to provide a review copy to recommend something. Please let me know this is the case in the request though.