Review Requests

I’m open for review requests again after a long period of illness, but will be starting the review queue from scratch. Some previously sent review copies will still be reviewed, but there are no guarantees. You can submit a new request if you sent one prior to December 2023 (regardless of whether I agreed to review it or not).


I accept review requests, mainly for books and games, though I’m open to other creative content. Some things to keep in mind: 1) I won’t reply to requests unless I’m interested. 2) I can’t guarantee when I’ll review something. 3) My review will be honest and I might hate it.


What to Include

Include the words “Review Request” in the email title. Please don’t send more than one email per item. My email is:

Tell me about the work in the main body of the email. It should be a finished item and not a work-in-progress.

I only accept digital review copies or items that can viewed on the internet. I don’t review content that is only audio, such as audiobooks and podcasts. Any speech on mixed content (like games and films) should have captions.

I’m open to work that is indie, small press and self-published.


Things I Like

  • Speculative Fiction – Any work with elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, slipstream, magical realism and other speculative fiction. This includes work that was marketed in other genres with those elements, work where the elements are light and work that has that sort of vibe even if it isn’t strictly speculative. Experimental writing is fine, but must have paragraph breaks or an equivalent way to break up the text.
  • Strange Indie Games – I’ll play most types of game, though puzzles and walking simulators are my favourites. I play on PlayStation (PS4), PC, Switch Lite, iPad and iPhone.
  • Any Age Category – I review work aimed at any age. This includes younger children’s fiction (board books, picture books, chapter books, early readers), middle grade, young adult, new adult and adult.
  • Marginalised Authors – The work doesn’t have to be related to the author’s identity.
  • Marginalised Characters – One of my review focuses is looking at the representation of marginalised characters.
  • Things That Don’t Fit – I accept other stuff, such as non-fiction on related subjects, stories in other genres with marginalised characters, poetry and strange things that are hard to classify. If in doubt, send a request.


Things I Don’t Like

  • Sexual Assault – Review requests should include a note that it contains this content.
  • Erotica/High Heat Levels – Romantic plots and a few sex scenes aren’t a problem. I’m talking about books where sex is the plot or the book is primarily about how hot the characters find each other and how much they want sex. If you’re uncertain where you book falls, describe it, and let me decide.
  • AI Content – No AI created content. This includes promotional items such as book covers and game logos, as well as the main content. Once we hit the point of Johnny 5 existing, he’s welcome to send something, but we all know that’s not what we’re talking about here.


Things I Don’t Mind

  • It’s Old – I judge requests based on whether I’m interested, not on age.
  • Book Ten – I don’t need to have read the other books in a series. I don’t need a summary of earlier books. That said, in most cases, it’d make more sense to have book one reviewed.
  • Multilingual – I mainly read in English. I understand basic French. If you think that I’ll understand without knowing all the languages, go for it.
  • Translated – If I can understand it, I’ll review it. I prefer English subtitles with the original language audio over dubbing for video content.