Wild Honey Bee Swarm (Photos)

Some of the honey bees are swarming in the local woodland. Given the decline of bees, it’s nice to see. It’s also fun watching people fleeing the bees for no reason (it’s not like the bees care about people being there… they’re too busy doing their swarming thing to sting anyone. I was standing right in the middle of the swarm and I wasn’t stung).

They were a little high up. If they come down lower before heading off to their new abode, I’ll try and get some better close-ups.

Unlike my usual photo posts, these are linked… click on them for the bigger version.

(I’ve also put a movie on YouTube: Watch Bees!)

5 thoughts on “Wild Honey Bee Swarm (Photos)”

  1. I can understand avoiding them if you’re allergic (though if you are allergic, it’s even more reason not to run around waving your arms).

    Most people aren’t allergic though. They panic for the sake of panicking. I thought it was particularly funny because I was standing in the middle of the bees at the time, so they obviously weren’t mutant killer bees.

  2. If you have any green spaces locally, there might be more than you realise. It doesn’t take a large area to have nifty nature things.

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