10 thoughts on “Story at Flash Fiction Online”

  1. Yay! And I don't have three pro sales either. I joined as an associate (one pro sale required, $50 minimum payment). There are some things associates can't do (like run for president), but you get the forums, bulletin and all that.

  2. Great news! On a somewhat related note, has anyone heard about Wattpad? I a notice on The Writer's Magazine for a contest there, but aside from being a collection of e-books/fanfiction, I haven't managed to get anyone to tell me anything positive or negative about it.

  3. I don't know much about Wattpad. It looks to be a bit like a manuscript display site, except that people upload stuff that doesn't belong to them as well. It's not something I'd go after.

  4. I enjoyed reading that. The present tense gives the narrative a sense of immediacy, as if it's all happening in real-time as you read.

    And cheetahs are my favorite animals, so it was fun to see them mentioned.


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