I Like Rain

The whole day was full of sudden bursts of rain, like the Earth’s gardener tipping out a bucket. It was also very sunny.

There was a rainbow. I had to go out. Yes, I was very soggy.


But it won’t be the first or last time I’ve gone out in the rain for pictures. My camera is very forgiving. And a bit waterproof.


As well as bucket pouring, we’ve also had a run of spiders this year. I blame the new wheely bins, as they don’t really keep out the flies. Nature did its thing. More flies = more spiders. They go and hide when the weather is cold, but anytime we have a warm spell they’re out and about. Rain means warmth in the winter.

So I went out to photograph the spiders. Whilst standing on my front path with the camera, a delivery person arrived with a parcel. I got some funny looks. I also got the parcel, but it wasn’t for me.


Rain is fun and full of spiders.

6 thoughts on “I Like Rain”

  1. I really wish today’s digital cameras did a better job of capturing rainbows. I have a handful of shots of what was a full 180 degree double rainbow near some massive wind turbines from early this summer. It was so vivid in person, but the camera just didn’t capture that intensity. I’ll try to get a shot posted somewhere and send you a link.

  2. Anodos, I think my camera did a reasonable job at catching the colours… but it’d be good to try it on a better rainbow. There haven’t been any really good ones since I got the camera.

    Pan Historia, Rafael, They’re a common sort of garden spider, yet most people don’t stop to look at them. They’re white and black/brown, but the white reflects the colour of the light. I think they look best on rainy days, when they get that blueish cast.

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