Merry Seasons

Snowflake CandleThe seasonal merriment has started. At least, it has in my house, where we have people of mixed religious persuasions. The solstice involved mead (traditional) and Chinese food (not so traditional). I didn’t post about it when it happened, because I was busy eating. And then sleeping off the eating.

We also had a sparklie candle. It’s harder to see the sparkles when it’s lit, but the snowflakes are glittery.

Happy holidays to everyone, whichever ones you celebrate. May the season be full of sparklie candles.

4 thoughts on “Merry Seasons”

  1. Hi, Polenth!

    (I found via Nathan Branford’s blog.) Your comments made me giggle, so.

    I like sparkly things, too. I used to steal my grandma’s fake-stone brooches all the time, even though the spankings that came with it were so horribly embarrassing.

    Just. Couldn’t. Help. Myself.

    And did you ever see that episode of Little House On The Prairie when Laura dreams of her family getting rich from the gold dust in the creek she and Albert are harvesting?

    Because that episode lived in MY dreams for way too long…

    Um, yeah. Happy Holidays!

  2. fairyhedgehog, Yay! I’d wish you a season full of juicy slugs, but I don’t know if fairy hedgehogs eat slugs too. Anyway, thanks for sticking around and reading during the year.

    Unhinged, Welcome! I didn’t have to steal sparklies when I was younger, because I had my own. No one touches my sparklies.

    My memories of Little House on the Prairie are flakey. I do remember when Carrie got the family a shiny star for Christmas. Best present ever.

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