My First Poem: Pigeons

One of my first poems was uncovered in a recent clearout. I was probably about six when I wrote this. As you can see, I already had the idea of non-rhyming poetry. Sort of.

An untitled poem about pigeons (click for fullsize):

Pigeon Poem

On the back, more pigeons:

More Pigeons

What it says:

I like pigeois do you?
flying in a vaes. my mum
like pigeois do you? evey pigeoi like

For extra hilarity, note that the teacher corrected the last instance of ‘pigeoi’ by adding an s to make it a plural. The rest was apparently okay.

Translated into English:

I like pigeons, do you?
Flying in a flock. My mum
likes pigeons, do you? Every pigeon likes

I didn’t know what an exclamation mark was, but if I had, I’d have used one. Vaes really does mean flock. When confronted with a word I couldn’t spell, anything could happen.

I hope you like pigeons too!

7 thoughts on “My First Poem: Pigeons”

  1. This is too hilarious, because I had the urge to post one of my 3rd grade drawings/writings this morning too! I got the post up, but my SD card and my computer have been fighting, so I haven't got the photo up yet.

    Great minds think alike….

    Love the pigeons!!

  2. fairyhedgehog, Though I'd like to say it was because I invented words, it was because I couldn't spell them. Any random series of letters would do.

    I almost got pigeon right though. That was a triumph!

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