Book Launch: Sunstruck – Bigfoot Urban Fantasy

I had the cunning plan to launch the book on my birthday. This might have worked, if I hadn’t also got a helping of viral friends for my birthday. But a few days later than intended, it’s go time. Sunstruck is an urban fantasy novel with Bigfoot. More about the book and the launch is below.

Sunstruck Cover


Book Description

The Spokane Ecology Board covers up supernatural incidents, under the pretence of enforcing environmental laws. It’s a dull job of sightseeing thunderbirds and pixie outbreaks. Until the team gets murdered.

Ari is the replacement team’s Bigfoot liaison. Armed with everything she’s learned from detective shows, she’s ready to find the murderer. The downside is the job comes with a human partner, who smells of air freshener and lines up his desk like a math project. He’s only a scientist, so it’s not like he knows anything about magical crimes.

Ben Cabot grew up hearing stories about Bigfoot, but they failed to mention a love of the internet or an aversion to throwing wrappers away. But there’s more out of place than an untidy work partner. Someone’s messed with the case files, and that means the killer might be closer than they think.

I have a three chapter sample on my website. Some vendors also have their own samples. I always recommend reading the sample before buying. The book is currently available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Smashwords. A comprehensive (and regularly updated) list of sellers is found on the book’s official page.


About the Series

The books are set in an alternate version of Spokane, Washington. They’re told from two points-of-view – Ari and Ben. The balance between the two narrators will depend on the book. Sunstruck has more from Ari. The next book (Conduit) will have more from Ben. After that, it’ll vary.

It’s an open-ended series, where each book has a stand-alone mystery (though it’ll help to read them in the right order).



In the tradition of launch cupcakes, I made Bigfoot faces. These aren’t my most technically skilled decorating jobs, but they are very chocolatey. So, here’s to Bigfoot and launches. I hope you enjoy the book!

Bigfoot Cupcakes

# If you want to note it for later elsewhere, I’ve tweeted about it and have a post on Tumblr. The book also has a page on Goodreads.

4 thoughts on “Book Launch: Sunstruck – Bigfoot Urban Fantasy”

  1. I'm half way through the book and don't want to finish it because I'm so much enjoying being in this other world but I do want to find out what happens next! It's going to seem like a long wait for the sequel.

    I love your characters; I love how you're handling different genders, races and cultures. I don't think I've ever read a book with a Bigfoot in it and it's so much more fun than the usual vampire tropes.

    It feels more like sci fi than fantasy to me in some ways because this different world helps us to step outside our own culture a bit and look at it.

    Oh, and I love Ben's take on "why me?"

    OK, I'll shut up now and get back to the book. When I've finished it I'll have some serious reviewing to do. This book deserves to become a cult phenomenon.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Reviews are always appreciated!

    I'm generally aiming for one a year as I want to be sure the quality is good, as well as having time for other projects. Most likely I'll finish off one of my young adults, and then work on Conduit.

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