The Storm – Akiko Miyakoshi

The Storm CoverFirst Published: 5th April, 2016
Genre: Children’s Contemporary Fiction / Picture Book
Available: | Amazon UK

A boy plans to go to the beach with his parents the next day, but a storm is approaching. As he sleeps through the storm, he dreams of a giant airship blowing it away… but will the storm still be there when he wakes up?

The art is what makes this book. It has detailed charcoal pictures filling the pages. Most of the art is black and white, apart from a hint of blue near the end. The feeling of the characters is captured perfectly. I especially liked the boy’s cat, who appears in many of the scenes (including joining him in his airship dream).

In terms of story, it’s a very simple one. I felt the balance wasn’t quite there, as a lot of time is spent on storm preparations. The airship dream is the standout part, but it feels like it’s over before it really gets going.

This is a gentle story about the power of imagination, and aspects like the airship and the cat are appealing. I’m not convinced about how well it’ll hold interest after a first read, but it’s certainly a very beautiful book.

[A copy of this book was received from the publisher for review purposes]

Story in Penumbra

I don’t usually post two story announcements in a row. At least, not unless I’m slacking on my posting and haven’t written a content post inbetween. But this time, I have two things out within days of each other, so I have an excuse.

I have a story out in the dream issue of Penumbra eMag (by Musa Publishing). “The Road to the Beach” was one of the stories I wrote during last year’s NaNoWriMo and the first to make it out into the world. It’s also the featured story for this issue. Yay!

Penumbra is a subscription magazine, so this one’s not free to read.

Link: Penumbra, Volume 1 Issue 2, August 2012 (Dreams)